The International Centre for Responsible Tourism

Responsible Tourism has gathered momentum over the last 10 years in the UK, we celebrated 10 years of Responsible Tourism in 2011, and there are a large number of organisations around the world which use the language of Responsible Tourism.

The ICRT has a network of sister organisations around the world all committed to furthering the aspirations of the Cape Town Declaration. The Cape Town Declaration reminded us of the world’s diversity: “Relishing the diversity of our world’s cultures, habitats and species and the wealth of our cultural and natural heritage, as the very basis of tourism, we accept that responsible and sustainable tourism will be achieved in different ways in different places.”

There are affiliated centres in

There is no blueprint, no internationally valid prescription for how tourism should be made more sustainable. The salience and importance of issues varies from place to place, affected by the cultural and natural environment, and solutions vary too.

The ICRT is composed of Affiliate Centres and individual supporters

There is an ICRT supporters group on Linked in for all those individuals who support the principles of the Cape Town Declaration and who are taking responsibility to make tourism better. ICRT Supporters Group

On Facebook there is an ICRT page and a Responsible Tourism Practitioners group

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