ICRT West Africa

ICRT West Africa

We work, in West Africa, to make destinations better places to live in, and better places to visit, in that order, through tourism. We campaign for the use of the Responsible Tourism concept as standard practice within the tourism industry do promote inclusivity, sustainability and accountability.

As an integral part of an international network of responsible tourism proponents, the International Centre for Responsible Tourism-West Africa (ICRT-WA) operates as a charitable organisation, running a wide range of programmes, courses, workshops and conferences to help stakeholders keep abreast of responsible tourism issues. Based in The Gambia, the ICRT-WA, which is associated with the ICRT at Leeds Beckett University and Manchester Metropolitan University is sometimes able to source grants, awards, scholarships and fees to citizens of African nations so that they may participate and benefit from activities promoted, managed or sponsored by the Centre.
ICRT-WA (which began its life as ICRT-The Gambia) is a tourism organisation that promotes an ethical approach to tourism by all its stakeholders.

In 2004 SST-Switzerland provided funding to run the first Responsible Tourism Management course. The application was supported by Dr. Harold Goodwin, the Director of ICRT.

ICRT-WA focuses on academic training that is tourism-related, relevant and significant to changing the way tourism affects communities, individuals and the environment, particularly in developing countries.

The ICRT West Africa played a major role in establishing the Institute of Travel & Tourism of The Gambia

Website: www.icrtwestafrica.org

Contact: Adama Bah bahs_54@yahoo.co.uk