Progress in Responsible Tourism

New from the ICRT and sponsored by Responsible Travel ( a twice yearly publication which will chronicle and debate progress in Responsible Tourism. This publication is a platform for industry professionals, policymakers, academics and those with research or practice to share.

Progress in Responsible Tourism will record and debate the progress which is being made in the UK and around the world in the implementation of the Cape Town Declaration and its aspiration to see the development of more responsible forms of tourism. Progress in Responsible Tourism is published by Goodfellow.

Progress is now free to download! Sponsored by Responsible Travel.
About the editors

Harold Goodwin has been at the heart of the movement for Responsible Tourism for the last fifteen years campaigning and working with the industry and governments to develop better forms of tourism in the UK and around the world. Harold is Professor of Responsible Tourism Management and a Director of the International Centre for Responsible Tourism . He works with governments and intergovernmental organisations, including UNWTO and UNEP, on governance, tourism and local economic development and poverty reduction. He chairs the judges for the World Responsible Tourism Awards and advises the World Travel Market on Responsible Tourism.

Xavier Font avier is the creator and driver of Respondeco, a project that reflects his extensive experience in responsible tourism communication. As a researcher and consultant, he conducts research and workshops on sustainability marketing for tourism businesses. Usually, such engagements are commissioned by national tourist boards and destination management organisations. Xavier’s academic background is in tourism and tourism marketing, and he has a PhD in the field of sustainable tourism certification. His research focuses on marketing and management of ecolabels in tourism and hospitality.


Interested in contributing?

Contributions are welcome in three categories:

  • Practitioner Papers – Written by those actively engaged in managing tourism or implement Responsible Tourism approaches – 2,000 to 4,000 words with references primarily to grey literature.
  • Academic Papers -Traditional papers with full academic referencing 5,000- 8,000 words
  • Work in Progress – Notes from the Field – Reports on new initiatives, work underway or brief comment pieces. Limited referencing, 400-1,500 words.

We anticipate that there will be a section listing new publications and sources relevant to Responsible Tourism.

Referencing: traditional footnotes, not Harvard this is to make the papers more accessible to a non-academic readership.
Practitioner Papers will be reviewed by the editors. Academic Papers will be blind peer reviewed. Work in Progress and Notes from the Field will be reviewed by the editors. The Journal has an advisory board which has the same composition as the ICRT’s Advisory Committee.

If you would like to contribute to Progress, please write with a brief abstract to Harold Goodwin or Xavier Font.